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Aicon Mac Model Making: Architectural Models and Industrial Models

Client Inputs

Auto Cad Drawings, photographs, 3D files…. the range of inputs are wide. The rule is : The better the inputs, the better the model will turn out to be. Precise inputs and detailed descriptions help design and fabricate models that suit your needs, saves time, and costs you much less than making expensive changes.


Do I need a display table? How about multiple zone lighting controlled by a hand held tablet? Should I leave the model open to view, or cover it with a glass cover? Will a flight case for frequent travel be essential? Models will need various accessories depending on where it will be used, the application, the ambiance, the segment of viewers who will interact with it, will it be used frequently for exhibitions, or will it be stationed in one place for a long time. We can help you choose from a list of options that is best suited to your needs.


Models are primarily made of special plastics, and wood. A wide range of finishes and textures, or natural materials can be used for the accessories to create a specific ambiance to complement the model project as well as the display ambiance. A range of standard options will do the work most times. However for special requirements we will be pleased to share our expertise and coordinate with you in creating suitable options, and implement them.

Custom Branding

Enhance the impact of the models, by working in the unique elements of your corporate brand. We can work with your advertising or design agencies to incorporate the brand personality into the model and its accessories to bring in a seamless and unified look and feel of your brand personality.

Other Services

  • Model maintenance ( Cleaning and AMCs)
  • Model shifting
  • Model refurbishments
  • Model storage on short term and long term
  • Overseas model installations
  • Model installation and modifications for overseas model makers and event managers
  • Emergency call outs and repairs