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The Aicon Mac Group

Aicon Mac Group is a multi-sector organisation based in the United Arab Emirates

The Aicon Mac Group comprises of independent professionally managed entities specialising in marketing, manufacturing and services sectors. Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, it is managed by a team of professionals with decades of experience within the region and international markets. Its objectives are to offer a series of services and products designed around its core clients activities with the objective of enhancing their business prospects, market impact, profitability and branding.

The Aicon Mac group has ambitious growth plans reflecting the confidence in the region’s economy. Several new ventures and projects are at the incubation and implementation stages.

The Aicon Mac Group’s current activities comprises of:

  • Architectural Model Making And Industrial Miniature Models;
  • Asset & Facilities Management And Technical Services;
  • Specialised Office Supplies For Architects, Engineering and Technical Firms;
  • 3D printing and 3D prototypes;
  • 3D Animations and Architectural Renderings;
  • Eco- Friendly Products And Services;
  • Marketing and Creative Communication Services;



Model Making: Architectural Models and Industrial Models
Aicon Mac Models, a premium range of high quality architectural Models and Industrial models is a well established brand owned by Aicon Mac Fze, based in the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, United Arab Emirates. Renowned for its high precision models, Aicon Mac has over the years executed some of the most iconic model projects and has established itself as a premium model maker in UAE, Oman and other GCC countries.

The Aicon Mac range of models includes:
  • Architectural Models
  • Industrial Models
  • Master plan Models
  • Interior Models
  • Marine Models
  • Landscape Models
  • Exhibition Models
  • Section Models
  • VIP Gift Models


Aicon Mac provides model making services to Architects, Property Developers, Engineering Consultants, Government sector, marketing agencies and Industries, who are driven to create defining architectural and industrial icons. Aicon Mac works with you to create unique, marvels in miniatures and motion.
Aicon Mac was set up with the goal to provide high quality model making and associated services, and to create the most effective communication elements, to accurately convey the vision, beauty and concepts of its clients. Be it a model of any type, style or size, we work closely with our clients to understand their vision, needs and requirements to create superlative scale models that stands apart from the rest. The Aicon Mac proposition is simple: Creative and complex concepts need high quality models to convey its true essence. Seeing is believing. And quality sells.

The Aicon Mac model quality is a result of its investment in the latest high-end American laser machines, other specialised equipment , and backed with highly skilled, creative and committed team. Complement this with high quality materials and consumables, masterful workmanship, quality processes and excellent service that accept no compromises. Discover the power of Aicon Mac models to communicate to all stakeholders without any barriers. Harness its ability to connect immediately with prospects, build brands and relationships, and enhance your business prospects. With the Aicon Mac models, the advantage is yours.

With Aicon Mac showcase the design excellence and value of your properties, the prowess of your manufacturing capabilities, and the uniqueness of your products.

Call us, and we will be glad to share our experience and ideas, and guide you on how to get the best way to showcase your ‘Models of Success’.


Alpha Micro Models LLC is a limited liability company, and a subsidiary of the Aicon Mac group and is based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Equipped with the latest in high end American Laser Machines, specialised equipment and skilled workforce, it is the manufacturing centre for architectural models and industrial models of very high level of quality, marketed exclusively under the Aicon Mac brand.

The high level of quality is the outcome of extensive investments in high end latest American laser machines, specialised equipments, dedicated departments and associated support services. A highly talented and committed team with extensive experience on numerous projects in UAE, Oman, Qatar and overseas bring together a diverse range of skills developed over many years of creative experience.

Highly experienced teams in the following departments bring their specialised skills together in creating a exceptional quality model, showcasing the unique vision and concepts of our clients, offered in a seamless quality service experience.

  • Design and Editing
  • Fabrication and model making
  • Electronics and Digital
  • Painting and Finishing
  • Landscaping and Accessories
  • Carpentry and finishing
  • Logistics and Installation
AM Models studio is situated strategically close to the Dubai –Sharjah border in close proximity to Dubai and Sharjah Airports with very easy access, from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E 311) and Kalba road ( Maliha Road). The AM Models studio location outside the free zone areas offers easy and convenient access to clients who visit to plan and review model progress.